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powerflush london

Cold spots on your radiator?

A Power Flush will make you warm and save YOU £££'s

power flush london

Noisy radiators and pipes?

A Power Flush will make it quiet, warm and save YOU £££'s

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Central Heating Problems?

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We will Save YOU £££'s

Clean your radiators

And save your boiler..

About Us

Your Powerflush Plumbing Professionals

Powerflush Services London is a professional powerflush & plumbing service. We've been proudly serving the London area for many years, and in those years we’ve seen it all. From minor leaks to major mishaps in both residential and commercial properties, We can fix up all your plumbing problems. Powerflush Services London has created longstanding, trusting relationships with clients throughout London. We cover the whole of London.


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Mission Statement:

Our mission is commitment to excellence, we pay attention to detail by following set procedures and policies in order to carry out our work to the highest standards. We are committed to satisfying your present and future needs, and look forward to discussing any powerflushing requirements you may need.

We promise to:

– Treat your property with care
– Carry out the power flush to the highest standard
– Give a true and a accurate costing on the powerfush

Power Flush Services Guarantee

High Quality, Long-Lasting Results

1st Class Service

We care about your heating

Powerflush Services London never leaves customers alone when dealing with heating issues. I guarantee expert, lasting quality and affordable prices for all of my plumbing services. Call us today for assistance on 0208 629 1850.

We cover London

Quality Service

From large houses to smaller homes and flats, Powerflush Services London always delivers professional plumbing services. We guarantee the best quality of work, and a level of customer service unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Easy Scheduling

Simple to book a visit

Just give us a call on 0208 629 1850 or fill in the form and we will give you a great quote that you will find hard to beat. And not only that, we have discounts on all the time, just ask for your 10% discount at Powerflush London.

What Our Lovely Customers Are Saying

Everything You Need to Know

Signs you need a Power Flush

Is your home warm enough?

If your home is not as warm as it should be or used to be, this could be the result of a build up of sludge and debris in your radiators, which happens over time. The hot water cannot be pumped around the radiator as it used to, so with less hot water in you system, you get less heat. A powerflush will clear out the debris and sludge and make your home warm again.

Noisy radiators and boiler

This is due to the build up of sludge and debris over time, a radiator flush will clear it out.

Cold spots on your radiators

Because the sludge sits in the radiator the hot water cannot circulate anymore, a power flush removes the sludge allowing the hot water to flow.

Heating is slow to warm up

As the sludge and debris over the years stays in the radiators, it takes longer for the heated water to circulate around the system. It basically need to be flushed out by a radiator flush.

Banging noises coming from your boiler

Because the boiler is trying to heat the water and circulate it around the central heating system and the radiators are 'bunged up' with sludge and debris, it is basically struggling to do it job. And makes noises trying to circulate the hot water. This will eventually cause the boiler to break down. A radiator flush clears out the blockages and saves the boiler.

Boiler not operating as it used to

This is due to the extra work it has to do to circulate the water it is heating, when the whole system was new it was clear of any obstruction and the hot water flowed freely. After time a build up of sludge and debris prevents this from happening and causes the boiler to work harder and eventually stop working. A radiator flush, clears the obstructions away and the boiler will operate as it used to.

central heating flush

"I had a problem with the radiators being cold and I’d heard good things about Powerflush Services London. Now my radiators are hot and it's amazing and it didn’t cost nearly the amount I thought it would."

Ann Smithson, Hackney

noisy boiler

"The radiators had cold areas, my husband tried bleeding them and they are old, so I googled powerflush London I think and found these guys. And they were very nice on the phone and came round in 2 days and flushed all our radiators out. Sot all cold areas gone and lovely warm toasty radiators. Thank you.”

Mrs J. Theakston, Enfield

radiator flush

"Our boiler was making a weird clicking noise and the lounge wasn't heating up at all, so we thought the boiler was broken. We found this company online, they had a nice website that was simple to use and get their details, so called them. They were great on the phone, explained the problem, which was quite simple the radiators were clogged up and needed cleaning. They came round the next day and flushed all 12 radiators and we have a lovely warm house now and no clicking."

Rebecca Quinn, Chiswick

power flushing london

Rachel White, London SW3

"My boiler was making a strange noise, a friend told me to call Powerflush Services London and I did. Within a couple of days, the problem was fixed and I have a great central heatng system now. That’s excellent service in my book."

Power Flush London - central heating systems

Power Flush London – All central heating systems in London will get a build up of soot, sludge and even rust. Your closed central heating system never shows you the extent of damage; but you always know when the deposition reaches alarming levels, as you will get cold spots in your radiators, noisy radiators, noisy boilers, and radiators take longer to warm up.

At this point a radiator flush is a great idea, well actually it is a central heating flush. We will flush out all the sludge build up from each radiator until they are all clean and your central hating system is clean again and working as it used to.

The power flush cost is very reasonable for the benefit you will get, give us a call or fill in the form and we can give you a FREE QUOTE and you will see the cost of the power flush works out worthwhile as you will save immediately on fuel bills and maintenance costs and potential inconvenience of no heating for a while.

Radiator flushes aren’t that well known to people as I mentioned earlier, because of this, often central heating systems do not get flushed and get clogged up. And it can be too late as they get clogged and stop working because the central heating can’t flush itself and it can’t push the warm water around the radiators any more. So a radiator flush is key and will clean out your central heating system for several years.

Power flush companies aren’t that well known, they are more so in recent years and therefore a central heating flush wasn’t an obvious choice. The presence of contaminants, sludge, rust has been proved to reduce the efficiency of the central heating system. The radiator flush is the cleaning process that can remove the sludge and the rust as well as all the stagnant sludge and all debris in your central heating system. A well executed radiator flush, will clear out the sludge.

Power Flush Services London offers you and excellent local home services, bringing our power flushing machine to your home and cleaning out your central heating system and getting back to its best working order and back in excellent condition. If you feel that your central heating system is not what it was, contact our power flush London team and we will give you a free quote and you find out the exact cost of a power flush.

When do you need a power flush (radiator flush)?
Other symptoms can include discoloured water from the radiators and the slowing up of each radiator to warm up, a radiator flush will make so much difference. The tap water might also begin to cloud up, due to the lime scale that will form within it. Another situation where you need help is when the water heater within the boiler does not operate at its usual efficiency.

This all points to needing a power flush and bringing in a power flush machine to flush your central heating system to restore it back to it’s original best. And we at Power Flush Services London are happy to come and do that. And the power flush cost won’t be scary, it is a good investment.

Signs Your Central Heating Problems May Need A Power Flush

There are many symptoms or problems with your central heating system that indicate a power flush(radiator flush) is needed. If your central heating system or gas boiler are showing any of these signs then you will need a power flush and as mentioned above the power flush cost is low compared to the cost of heating and potential radiator and boiler repairs. Powerflush London can help you get warmer…

  • Cold spots on radiators

  • Some radiators not heating

  • Uneven heat throughout the house

  • Irritating boiler noises

  • ‘Kettling’ boiler noise i.e. it is boiling over

  • Loud banging and crashing

  • Frequent pump failure

  • No heat sometimes (lock out) or breakdown

  • Poor circulation


To find out more about Power Flush Services London, please contact us and we would be happy to advise and help.

Power Flushing  London (aka radiator flush)

Our central heating power flush plumbing services in London (radiator flush) will be able to attend to the following issues:

• Leaking radiators in metal from pin-holing
• Bad odour released from radiator when bled
• Bleeding is not regular
• Frequent failure of central heating pump
• Noises from boiler

How to power flush?

The purpose of power flushing apart from clearing the central heating unit is to let the circulation of water take place in full-swing, by simply letting the power flushing machine to operate for some time. It also eliminates noise from the boiler and the pump. With the help of chemicals like sludge crust breaker and remover, it is possible to effectively power flush. At the high speed and high pressure, all the unnecessary acids get removed from the central heating system. With the home heat services employed from PowerFlush London, the average time taken to complete a total power flush is around 6 hours.d you will be pleased to hear the power flush cost is quite reasonable.

Nowadays, there are more people buying power flushing machines, rather than hiring professionals like power flush hire for the job. Though this can be preferred by many, the high cost of a quality power flushing machine is more than the amount you would expect to spend in hiring a professional power flush person. Also, considering the labour charges that come along with hiring services from Power Flush London, certainly brings down the potency of buying the machine; also, there are other home heat services available with Power Flush London that you can otherwise hire from us. The radiator flush as it is sometimes known, will make a big difference to your central heating bills.


So it is key to powerflush London powerflush your London home.

Powerflush London (aka central heating flush)

How do you clean radiators and power flush boiler system?

There are many central heating systems in London that are ageing with boiler noise issues and circulation problem due to corrosion formed within and accumulation of sludge subsequently which will require home heat services. But traditional flush plumbing and heating methods with plumbing services in London won’t be able to get rid of all debris and impurities quickly and the worst part is they tend to return very soon.

We need plumbers London and power flushing in London to get the system back to working condition by draining central heating systems and central heating Power Flush London at minimum power flush cost.When you power flush hire, our expert team will provide home heat services along with plumbing and heating services. The heating and plumbing team arrive at your place for central heating repairs, fully equipped with power flushing machine and central heating sludge remover to clean your central heating system.

Do you have a noisy boiler or noisy radiators?

If so it means it needs attention clearly and a powerflush will normally fix the issues, a noisy boiler or noisy radiators isn’t a good thing clearly, give us a call and we can help. A power flush central heating flush is really a good idea, to clear out all the crud that builds up. A power flush central heating flush through basically clears out the pathway for the hot water to flow. So a power flush central heating is key here.

power flush london
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