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Do I need a power flush?

Based on the rust level in the system, central heating flush and central heating repairs are done if your central heating not working. If this is the first time you are choosing power flush hire, them it is vital that the process is done properly. The only way to know this is by checking the water sample. Our professionals have a thorough knowledge on how to flush a central heating system and offer consultant visit to your place to take a look at your water quality.

Will power flush hire get rid of the sludge that is blocking my boiler heat exchanger?

If there is sludge present in you central heating system or if central heating not working, you will start noticing a change in the colour of the water. A central heating sludge remover is used along with the power flushing machine to get rid of all the unwanted waste and rust, giving it a thorough wash. A power flushing machine is capable of completely removing all the blockages at reasonable power flush cost.

What is the power flush cost?

To know more about the central heating installation cost contact our expert staff by placing a call or dropping a mail and we will get back to you with the details. If you choose to buy a central heating system at, the central heating installation cost is almost ignorable.

Does power flushing leak?

No, power flushing does not leak. However proper maintenance has to be done and preventive methods to stop sludge and rust formation must be taken and followed regularly.

Can I simply drain the entire system and refill it?

It is a definite ‘No’ if you have enough unwanted impurities to cause central heating repairs or central heating not working condition. Not paying attention to this issue might lead to causing your heating system to stop working completely. Moreover a power flushing machine and a central heating sludge remover is designed for central heating flush and will serve its purpose well.

How to flush a central heating system?

Here is a brief intro on how to flush a central heating system. Though these are short steps, they summarise the overall procedure of the power flush hire process:
• Switch off the boiler and get the central heating system ready for power flush.
• Add the power flush cleaning agent to the system.
• Use a central heating sludge remover along with the central heating flush machine if there are excess blocks due to sludge.
• Switch on the boiler and repeat the power flushing process every 10 minutes or so.
The power flush cost is nominal and will fit your pocket.

Do we provide pipe repair work, plumbing and heating services too?

Yes, we also provide central heating repairs services when required.

How long does it take to power flush?

Depending on the number of radiators, the process will take from a few hours to a day and the power flush cost varies accordingly.
For your power flush queries contact us at and we will be glad to help you.

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